Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Bachelor Sneak Peek for The Women Tell All Season 14 Episode 8


It looks like the final episode for The Bachelor season 14. However, I have missed some good episodes of The Bachelor. And for now, have you known that there was a sneak peek for The Bachelor episode February 22, 2010? Yes, The Bachelor episode "Women Tell All." I don't think if it's as the finale episode. Okay, I think I can't make the long article at this time, moreover I consider you all are the fans of the Bachelor and only want to watch a sneak peek for this upcoming episode.

The synopsis for The Bachelor season 14 episode 8, "15 declined bachelorettes come back to face up Jake and dish about their experiences. Also enclosed are outtakes from the season and an update on early bachelors and bachelorettes." So, don't forget to watch for full episode at ABC tomorrow. Yep, my conclusion that it as the reunion episode for one hour showtime.


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