Friday, September 25, 2009

Smallville Season 9 Episode 1: Saviour


OK, the great Sci-Fi television show has come back, Smallville season 9 episode 1. Did you forget about Tom Welling? Yes, he roles as Clark Kent, good-looking actor, cause many girls love him. As you know, Tom Welling is the main actor of Smallville, have a high talent. How favorite Smallville TV show? It has been airing on the CW since 2001 until now, have high and good rating around the world. Even, the show has been reaching till season 9. Very hard to find others shows which can reach to season 9.

Smallville series 9 episode 1 has been entitled as: "Saviour," and will be aired on September 25, 2009. Please take a minute to read the episode's synopsis / summary here: "Clark determines that he's ready to start his training at the fort, but Jor-El asserts that he bring back to Metropolis to cut his associations with Lois before he begins. Lois re-emerges in the city without any recollection of disappearing, and her probe into a monorail crash takes her into contact with a new reporter named John Corben... Who's different than the Red and Blue Blur. In the meantime, Chloe's friendship with Clark degenerates once he declines to utilize the Legion ring to save Jimmy; Oliver passes up a dark path, and Zod makes his incoming at the Luthor mansion."

Below is the video clip, or more familiar as trailer, watch it too.


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